The Romanian College of Pharmacists
Center for Drug Sciences
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Bucharest

Invited speakers who confirmed their contribution at

The 7th Edition of the International Conference From Science to Guidance and Practice
Bucharest, Romania, October 13th-14th, 2022


Section   Speaker, affiliation   Title of the presentation
In vitro dissolution / drug release methodologies and physicochemical testing   Prof.Jean-Michel Cardot


Dissolution for delayed release formulation current requests of EMA


In vitro tests for locally applied locally acting drugs in the Gastro Intestinal Tract

  Dr.Vinod P. Shah

Pharmaceutical consultant, USA

Regulatory update: Biowaiver and Beyond

What is new in Complex Generics?

  Philipp Beutler

Application Specialist, Material Characterization, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany

  Rheology of pharmaceutical products – from formulation over production to application
  Samir Haddouchi

SOTAX Pharma Services, France

In vitro release testing for non-conventional dosage forms
  Dr.Flavian Ștefan Rădulescu

Center for Drug Sciences, UMFCD, Bucharest, Romania

In vitro release testing for topical semisolids. Current requirements and future developments
  Dr.Dalia Simona Miron

Center for Drug Sciences, UMFCD, Bucharest, Romania

Utility of flow-through cells with semisolid adaptors for development of in-vitro release tests

Regulatory science

  Dr.Herbert Schmidt

Technical Officer, Health Products Policy and Standards, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

The WHO International Pharmacopoeia, Focus, Processes, Response to COVID-19 and Collaboration with other Pharmacopoeias
  Dr.Christian Zeine

United States Pharmacopeia

  Title to be confirmed
  Samir Haddouchi
SOTAX Pharma Services, France
  Qualification of USP1/2 dissolution instruments
      Presentation and title to be confirmed
Pharmaceutical software   Michele Martiradonna

Mettler Toledo, Switzerland

Ensure consistent quality, data integrity and traceability through automated formulation solutions
  René Fässler

Sotax AG, Switzerland

Data integrity for dissolution testing in a Client/Server environment
  Gunnar Danielson

Head of Global Software Solutions and LabX Consultancy, METTLER TOLEDO International

Data Integrity and Workflow Efficiency: the business benefit of digital transformation
  David Grant

Global PURELAB Product Manager, ELGA LabWater

PURELAB® Pharma Compliance
  Miguel Avanzini


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