picture of Michele Martiradonna

Michele Martiradonna

Business Area Manager Industrial and Product Inspection

METTLER TOLEDO Sales International



In many production areas where raw materials are being mixed and processed together, plant activities still rely on paper documentation. Even when using IT in some stages of production, for example to store formulas, only a part of the entire process is fully monitored, and input output of materials tracked easily. This results in complex recovery of paper trail when an error occurs, or cumbersome audit procedures to confirm quality is maintained.
In this presentation we will take a look at some of challenges and the solutions proposed by METTLER TOLEDO to address these issues.

METTLER TOLEDO offers formulation software to allow to guide operators at each step, tracing incoming material, defining production batches, managing outputs and documenting each step in software. Auditing quality of output and tracking final products based on raw material lots becomes easy, and supervisors as well as auditors can backtrack each step performed. And all this can be fully validated in 21 CFR part 11 regulated industries.

About the speaker:

A graduate of Milan engineering university Politecnico di Milano, Michele has worked for global multinational companies in various technology sectors for over 20 years. Currently leading the Industrial and Product Inspection team at METTLER TOLEDO Sales International, responsible for selling solutions across a wide network of partners and distributors in more than 80 countries, Michele works at METTLER TOLEDO since 2015.

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