picture of Gunnar Danielson

Gunnar Danielson

Head of Global Software Solutions and LabX Business Development

Mettler Toledo International


Digital Transformation:

With the appropriate technical controls, lab systems can move beyond digitalization and into a digital transformation that brings business benefits to laboratories. The results of such an integrated system bring technical controls for data integrity, ALCOA+ principles, and quality data by design.

When the process is technically controlled, then we can start to integrate the benefits of digitalization for the complete user and data experience.

About the speaker:

With computer science and business education and 25 years working with computer systems, he has been focusing for the past 12 years on workflow optimization and Data Integrity solutions at Mettler Toledo. Solutions for integration, Digitalization, Data Governance, and Data Integrity is the focus for him and the global software solutions team that he leads. Integrating benchtop instruments into the lab ecosystem has been his focus and removing paper along the way, the goal.

He and his team focus on solutions for Data Integrity, workflow guidance and efficiencies. His team provides consulting, presentations, and training on solutions that support Data Integrity within the Production, QC and R&D environment. They also support where a common solution or standardization over multiple countries and regions is required.

With the increase of initiatives in lean lab, data governance, data integrity and lab efficiency, he is increasingly involved in presentations and white paper publications. Involvement in standardization initiatives and with the regulation authorities of various countries is a general focus point and influence that he brings to the industry.

In addition to being head of the global software solution team, he is also head of the Data Integrity group at Mettler Toledo. This group oversees the data governance, data integrity and digitalization for all Mettler Toledo divisions.

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