Philipp Beutler

Application Specialist, Material Characterization

Thermo Fisher Scientific


2022 Presentation

Drug forms can be many – powder, tablet or semi-solid type products such as creams ointments and lotions.

In order to be manufactured as per their defined processes, these dosage forms need to have specific flow properties so they can, among other things, be placed into a container or remain stable over time.

Rheology is a very well-established characterization method to tailor pharmaceutical properties to patients’ needs. Besides this, texture analysis methods can be utilized to access information about handling or application of pharmaceutical substances to the affected area by patients.

This presentation is intended to show how a rheometer can be operated in various ways to obtain information about, among other things, texture, stability and flow of pharmaceutical products.

About the speaker:

After finishing his master’s degree in material science and technology, Philipp Beutler joined Thermo Fisher Scientific as an application specialist for rheology.

In this role, he provides both application support for Thermo Scientific rheometers and viscometers and training on applied rheology.

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Rheology for pharmaceutical applications (1 download )